Syed Jafer
At Moses they say ” a model school with all facilities ” . . . It’s really true dude.
Bharath Chary
It’s best for Sports…also education.
Tulasi Peddapenki
A perfect place to learn📖, play🏃 , enjoy😍, create memories😘😓,& become expert in all the activities.
Dr. Swapna Aparna
I studied at St. Moses high school and I feel so proud that I studied at this school and I am really proud of my head sir, madam because they are of a very friendly nature with student’s. Thank you so much sir &madam (one teacher can change the student’s life: very beautiful words) because of you, now all students (my self included) are in good positions in society.
Sajjad Mehdi
The best way of nurturing your ward is to enrol your child with them and the kid will come out as a GEM….Thank you St. Moses…Thank you Sir/Madam.
Naresh Yalala
I can proudly raise my chin up and say One of the best schools in Qutbullapur area, yes you heard it right, in all aspects such as gaining knowledge technically as well as speaking proper English School life is an exciting phase in everyone’s life, I am sure you all will agree. In fact, my school(ST.MOSES HIGH SCHOOL)life has been so enriching that I cannot thank enough my parents for sending me to the best school and of course my teachers for being such a guiding torch in the entire journey🙏🙏 It’s my privilege and honor to study here and my utmost respect to principal sir Syed Baqher 🙏🙏 I suggest people to join this school for great career.
Laharika Rastapuram
Super school and wonderful co curricular activities one of the best schools in maintaining discipline
Zyra Emporium
A very good school where I studied from Nursery to X class.
Syed Rizwan
I believe that St. Moses is the only school in Quthbullapur which can recognize the talent of each student. Not only in studies but also in other activities. My experience at this school is awesome, as faculty is very good. I suggest all the parents to make the right decision for bright future of their children and St. Moses is the right choice.
I’ve been a student from this school. Environment is so convincingly specialized to a great extent, every student from this school can be a ROLE MODEL and LEADER in the society and colleagues. They give us enough knowledge towards our career. I can say this the school taught us awareness of our future. The management provides quality education and discipline to students. Every student from this school can’t lack in their careers and they will face a bright future.
Hemanth Mudiraj
I am proud to be studying in this school. Our principal sir and ma’am, they are friendly with us. Thanks ma’am and sir.