St. Moses High School has a Playground of 4 acres with expert coaching in sports like Athletics, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, etc. anda special hall for Indoor Games like Table Tennis, Carroms & Chess. Compulsory training in basics of all Games and Sports is an essential part of school curriculum. Timings for daily morning fitness is 6.45 am to 7.45 am for school students.

ST. MOSES FITNESS CLUB caters to the community also. Parents and senior students can take part in Fitness activities. Timings are 5.45 am  to 6.45 am for Community Fitness Club. ST. MOSES CRICKET CLUB provides specialized training in Cricket before and after school.

ST. MOSES TENNIS CLUB has been providing excellent special coaching before and after school. Our tennis players have won several championships. Tennis tournaments are a regular feature of the Tennis Club. Our students also participated in Sports at District, Mandal & State levels.
Regular basic coaching in athletics, volleyball, football, cricket, badminton, kho kho and kabaddi is compulsory as part of the school curriculum. However, students can be enrolled in special coaching in games and sports before and after school hours. For special coaching and training in any sport, all details might be had from the school office.

Scouts & Guides Program

The Bharath Scouts & Guides provides training to our students & conducts regular camps in the school premises & their Headquarters at Jeedimetla village. Our scouts participate in the Republic Day parades at Parade grounds & Independence Day parades at Golkonda fort.