* Computer lab with internet access is available apart from excellent computer programs for all classes for hand on digital knowledge

* Science lab equipment is used regularly for experiment and observation during science lessons

* Mathematics Skill Periods make the subject playful and lively with several colourful indoor and outdoor activities

* English Skill Periods encourage speaking environment where children love to, and are not forced to speak in the language

* International teaching methodology based on ‘Do & Learn’ concept from IMAX by Classklap

* Value Education & Life Skills for a healthy mind, provided by counsellors based on SSC directives

* Parent connect programs for effective interaction between the school & parents

* Art & Craft training given directly by Fevicryl Art Professionals from PIDILITE INDIA

* The Hindu @ School is a special newspaper relevant to school studies.

The Hindu conducts regular orientation, workshops and events for students in and outside the school.

* Child safety is given due importance through parental cooperation

* Transport facility with all safety measures is provided for students coming from far off places

* Spacious classrooms for easy movement and scope for several activities are provided

* Safe and easy to use furniture and play equipment is provided to prevent any disruptions

* Smart classes are provided for better understanding of concepts taught in class